Lending Criteria and Rates

BTL Rate Sheet 91.85 KB PDF
Criteria Guide - Residential & BTL 365.56 KB PDF
PRA Broker Guide 417.96 KB PDF
Residential Rate Sheet 118.42 KB PDF
Vida Application System - Quick Reference Guide 937.72 KB PDF
Vida Application System Top Tips 465.66 KB PDF
Vida USP flyer 211.97 KB PDF

Documents for use with your customers

Acceptable proof of name and address 41.59 KB PDF
Accountant's certificate 85.89 KB PDF
Authority to request information 41.33 KB PDF
BTL Mortgage Deed 35.49 KB PDF
Buy to Let Assets & Liabilities Statement 34.82 KB PDF
Buy to Let Landlord Business Plan 71.58 KB PDF
Cashflow Statement 91.20 KB XLSX
Certificate of Independent Legal Advice 51.14 KB PDF
Certificate of Title 54.75 KB PDF
Confirmation of gifted deposit 43.18 KB PDF
Debt consolidation 62.08 KB PDF
Declaration by Occupier 50.57 KB PDF
Deed of Postponement 243.97 KB PDF
Direct debit mandate 150.69 KB PDF
Expenditure Details Form 82.25 KB PDF
Guide to complaints 46.47 KB PDF
Interest Only Declaration 84.87 KB PDF
Investment property loan declaration 36.41 KB PDF
Lending beyond retirement 52.74 KB PDF
Property portfolio details 56.24 KB PDF
Property Portfolio Information 66.83 KB XLSX
Residential Mortgage Deed 14.85 KB PDF
Support with financial difficulties 66.37 KB PDF
Tariff of mortgage charges 173.91 KB PDF
Use of information statement 63.48 KB PDF

Terms and Conditions

Mortgage & Loans Terms & Conditions BTL 191.75 KB PDF
Mortgage & Loans Terms & Conditions Residential 159.49 KB PDF
Terms of Business Agreement 550.89 KB PDF