Why Portfolio Landlords?

Portfolio landlords (with four or more mortgaged BTL properties) do not always find it easy to remortgage from one lender to another as the breadth of lending criteria may differ widely, so it pays to find specialist BTL lenders who cover the key criteria areas that are often overlooked by the non-specialists.

Who is this product for?

  • Existing portfolio landlords who currently own 4 or more Buy to Let properties who wish to expand their portfolio further
  • Established portfolio landlords with up to 100 properties looking to remortgage some of their existing loans.

Key Lending Criteria

  • Maximum 20 properties and up to a maximum of £4,000,000 on a Vida portfolio
  • Max £1,500,000 per property
  • Expats living & working abroad
  • Overall portfolio can be up to 100 properties including unencumbered properties. Average LTV up to 80%
  • 1 year’s landlord experience required
  • Rental stressing only applied to mortgages held with Vida. Other properties will be assessed by comparing their rental income to the mortgage payment.
  • Trading Limited Companies & SPVs accepted
  • HMOs & MUBs accepted
  • No Minimum income
  • 40 year term available
  • All property types considered
  • Applicants can have historical impaired credit or life events – assessed on total combined adverse from all applicants, directors and shareholders