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Lending Criteria and Rates

BTL Rate Sheet 110.99 KB PDF
Criteria Guide - Residential & BTL 438.20 KB PDF

Documents for use with your customers

Acceptable Proof of Name and Address 501.90 KB PDF
Accountants Certificate 83.67 KB PDF
Authority First Mortgage 391.84 KB PDF
BTL Mortgage Deed 21.14 KB PDF
BTL Standard Security 53.06 KB PDF
Certificate of Independent Legal Advice 119.09 KB PDF
Certificate of Title (E&W Offers Dated After 23rd September) 60.45 KB PDF
Certificate of Title (E&W Offers Dated Before 23rd September) 1004.08 KB PDF
Confirmation of Gifted Deposit 67.50 KB PDF
Debt Consolidation 776.59 KB PDF
Deed of Postponement 1.08 MB PDF
Deed of Postponement (Scotland) 51.19 KB PDF
Direct Debit Mandate 446.49 KB PDF
Expenditure Details 1.47 MB PDF
Interest Only Declaration 1.21 MB PDF
Investment Property Loan Declaration 453.00 KB PDF
Lending Beyond Retirement 637.85 KB PDF
Mortgage Valuation Report 721.77 KB PDF
Support with Financial Difficulties 1.08 MB PDF
Use of Information Statement 120.99 KB PDF

Useful Buy to Let Mortgage Downloads

BTL Expat Flyer 442.13 KB PDF
BTL Mortgage Terms & Conditions 347.69 KB PDF
Buy to Let Mortgage Terms & Conditions (Scotland) 400.03 KB PDF
Certificate of Title (Scotland) 56.24 KB PDF
Guide to Complaints 519.69 KB PDF
Mortgage Application Checklist 844.77 KB PDF
PRA Broker Guide 412.75 KB PDF
Tariff of Mortgage Charges 162.10 KB PDF

Portfolio Documents

Assets & Liabilities Statement 65.37 KB PDF
Buy to Let Landlord Business Plan 976.44 KB PDF
Cashflow Statement 91.17 KB XLSX
Property Portfolio Information 66.79 KB XLSX