Residential updates

  • The Helping Hand mortgage from Vida Homeloans has been designed
    to allow parents to join their child on the mortgage
  • New Free Valuation available on Fee Saver residential mortgage range

BTL updates

  • Reduced 1% fee for smaller loan sizes
  • Free valuation now available on Fee Saver range
  • Quicker and cheaper remortgages with 'No Search Indemnity'



Vida Homeloans will only accept accounts or accountant certificates from practitioners with one of the following qualifications:

Accountancy Body Designatory Letters 
 Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales  ACA or FCA
 Association of Chartered Certified Accountants   ACCA or FCCA
 Chartered Institute of Management Accountants  ACMA or FCMA
 Association of Authorised Public Accountants  AAPA or FAPA
 Association of Accounting Technicians  MAAT or FMAAT
 Chartered Institute of Taxation  CTA
 Association of International Accountants  AIA

100% of the following additional income can also be included:

  • Rental profit
  • Income from 2nd jobs providing 12 months' record
  • Car, large town, shift, housing allowances
  • Court ordered maintenance
  • Investment Income (supported by SA302)
  • Foster care income
  • Income Trust Fund
  • Mortgage subsidy

75% of the following additional income can also be included:

  • Regular annual bonus, supported by the latest P60 and payslip for the month bonus was paid
  • Regular monthly bonus supported by latest P60 and last 3 payslips

50% of the following additional income can also be included:

  • Over time or commission
  • Non regular bonus, profit related pay
  • Universal Credit (not as main income)
  • Disability/Carers allowance
  • Incapacity Benefit

Vida Homeloans will accept customers that have impaired credit, subject to the limits detailed on the latest Residential product rate sheet, and are the maximum adverse credit per application. The customer will be expected to provide details to Vida Homeloans with regards to the reason for the adverse credit.