Residential updates

  • The Helping Hand mortgage from Vida Homeloans has been designed
    to allow parents to join their child on the mortgage
  • New Free Valuation available on Fee Saver residential mortgage range

BTL updates

  • Reduced 1% fee for smaller loan sizes
  • Free valuation now available on Fee Saver range
  • Quicker and cheaper remortgages with 'No Search Indemnity'



We will not lend if applicant/s are retired or beyond maximum age of 75 at the end of the term, or age at end of term is beyond customer’s expected retirement age (whichever is the sooner). Applicable to all individual applicants e.g. if more than one applicant on the application

Vida Homeloans will lend to customers purchasing a new residential property who are renting out their existing owner-occupied property, providing Vida Homeloans sees a copy of the offer from the lender who is lending on the Buy to Let element.

Vida Homeloans can also lend on both the BTL remortgage and the residential purchase (investor/ non-consumer only).

    Maximum     LTV   Maximum Loan   Amount
Capital & Interest   90% (FTB   ONLY)  £400,000
   85%  £500,000
   80%  £750,000
   75%  £1,000,000
   70%  £1,000,000 -   £1,500,000
Interest Only  75%  £1,000,000
 Ex local Authority flats/maisonettes  80%  £500,000
 Flats above commercial premises  75%  £1,000,000
 Flats situated above restaurants/takeaways/laundrettes  60%  £1,000,000

  • The maximum LTV will be based on purchase price or valuation, whichever is the lower, with the exception of mortgages for property purchased at an undervalue.
  • The maximum exposure to a single customer is £2,000,000 inclusive of fees.